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Ranch House Expansion

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Cope Front Before_800.jpg (391305 bytes)
Front Before
Cope Front After_800.jpg (294141 bytes)
Front  After
Cope Back Before_800.jpg (353863 bytes)
Back Before
Cope Back After_800.jpg (349561 bytes)
Back After
Cope Kitchen 2_800.jpg (294753 bytes) Cope Kitchen_Dining_800.jpg (263966 bytes) Cope Family_800.jpg (288831 bytes) Cope Bedroom_800.jpg (260403 bytes)
Cope Family_2_800.jpg (267187 bytes) Cope Bathroom 1_800.jpg (222852 bytes) Cope Bathroom 2_534.jpg (120091 bytes) Cope Landing_534.jpg (99371 bytes)
Cope Plan EX_1024.jpg (96989 bytes) Cope Plan New 1_1024.jpg (148135 bytes) Cope Plan New 2_1024.jpg (101904 bytes)