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Quaker Oats EX_800.jpg (263890 bytes)
Existing Building Plan
Quaker Oats_Re-use_800.jpg (247361 bytes)
Site Re-Use Plan
Quaker Oats Aerial_800.jpg (370260 bytes)
Aerial Site Photo
Scranton Lace Scan_800.jpg (280427 bytes)
Scanned File (Partial Plan)
Scranton Lace Re-Use_800.jpg (216647 bytes)
Site Re-Use Plan
Scranton Lace Aerial_800.jpg (352792 bytes)
Aerial Site Photo
Working with a Real Estate Firm in Rhode Island, I have traveled the country documenting Industrial properties for sale. Gathering of information included chartering helicopters to document the sites from the air and compilation of all architectural, civil and engineering files available.  Information was used to create color exhibits for a nationally distributed marketing package.